Advice For Vegan Moms: Coping With The Judgment

pasta puttanesca from Chloe's Vegan Italian Kitchen

Before, I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to stand up for my rights. Sure, maybe I was young and rebellious or I just had the decency to actually care about other living beings and the outcome of the future. The truth is – being vegan always seemed natural for me, it is natural to me still and it always will be, I simply learned how to listen my organism and started indulging my needs. [Read more…]

Gift Ideas For Fans Of The Cooking Channel


It seems that the cooking shows have their time of fame these days. More and more people love watching them and they even produced a lot of chefs into real celebrities. The cooking shows range from those that are instructional, competitive, all the way to those that are more of talk shows that include entertainment and some cooking segments. However, people love them and if you have a friend that enjoys them, here are some of the gift ideas for those friends. [Read more…]

Things You Don’t Know About Nespresso Capsules


Nespresso coffee machines are at the very top of the list of the best coffee machines. They are considered the best for many reasons: they heat up in no time, machines pierce and eject the capsules so you don’t have to do that, it shuts down automatically and can use cups of different sizes. No wonder so many people value them above all other machines. Nevertheless, we are going to give you a few interesting facts about nespresso capsules we bet you didn’t know. [Read more…]

Valentines Day- Order Your Catering Equipment Now


Valentines Day, is incredibly commercialized and as a consequence there is so much demand this time of year for tables for two in restaurants and hotels, with couples looking to dine out in style. The pressure is on hotels and restaurants to provide menus packed with luxurious cuisine laced with aphrodisiacs. The high number of bookings this time of year, [Read more…]